Why You Should Start Wearing Beard Oil for Your Whiskers

Everyone has a go-to favorite for their everyday look. Making small changes here and there to improve this can make a huge difference, such as taking care of your beard. If you happen to have long, dark hair growing on your face, beard care might be a good thing for you. Your hair, in general, goes through many different environmental and lifestyle conditions all year-round.

Having good knowledge and the proper tools to protect every strand of hair matters to prevent dryness and improve luster. So here is why you should start wearing beard oil for your whiskers and the steps to get started. Your facial hair will look shiny, feel more hydrated, and overall improve in quality from the morning until the end of the day.

Basic Knowledge About Facial Hair

Before even applying beard care, understanding why you should start wearing beard oil on your whiskers comes down to learning about the beard and its intrinsic properties. Beards can either add or take away from a person’s face, whether it’s adding fullness or creating a natural shadow. It can bring in more confidence and often create an almost new persona.

There are numerous styles of facial hair to choose from: mustaches, goatees, or collar-length beards. So providing the necessary care to moisturize and clean your beard will significantly benefit the appearance and overall feel.

History of Beards

The history of beards goes as far back as cavemen; however, they had a unique reason for having them. Body hair helps with thermoregulation, so it makes sense to look back through history and see the historical depictions of hunters with big, bushy beards. But as time went on and the primitive ways of previous ancestors dissipated, beards became more of a style-based choice. In the past 200 years, beards and facial hair have gone through many changes.

Growing full beards was very common from the Middle Ages to the sixteenth century and was often used to symbolize the power to successfully attract females. Throughout the 1800s, the style of choice centered on sideburns, chin strips, and full beards. As the 1900s progressed, mustaches, such as the pencil mustache, handle mustache, and toothbrush mustache, came onto the scene, followed by the goatee, Chevron, and horseshoe mustache. Finally, the five o’clock shadow and lumberjack have taken center stage.

Understanding Keratin

Keratin is a protein that makes up skin, nails, and hair and offers greater protection. It’s in your beard and any facial hair you have. It prevents foreign contaminants and bacteria from harming the human body.

Beard growth comes from stimulating the hormone called dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT. It’s a derivative of testosterone and comes from activation in the jaw. It doesn’t necessarily link to how much testosterone a person has but rather the genetics they carry. If the father has facial hair, then the offspring normally will have it too.

What Is Beard Oil?

In the same way that you put lotion on your hands or conditioner through your hair, beard oil offers hydration and nutrients to strengthen the hair, condition, and impart softness. Many people use it in the morning or night as it can also hydrate the skin underneath. You can use it on any facial hair, even a thin mustache.

Benefits of Beard Oil

Beard oil provides a lot of oils that help the hair retain moisture. It prevents frizziness, dryness, follicle splitting, and it can smooth the hair from root to tip. It also helps you to work out knots and tangles by increasing slick, which makes the hair more prepared for styling. Beard oil absorbs quickly, so you shouldn’t have to worry about getting oily residue on your clothing or bathroom towels.

Other great benefits of beard oil are that it reduces itchiness, smells excellent, and helps beard growth. Beard oil is concentrated and packed with nutrients, so it protects the hair from splitting and reduces breakage and typical beard itch. Plus, who doesn’t want a beard that smells delightful?

How Much Should You Use?

The amount of beard oil you use depends on the length and texture of your beard. It’s important to slowly introduce beard oil into your routine to minimize skin reactions and build the hairs’ ability to absorb the oil. It’s best to use it at least once or twice a week during the morning or evening. If you haven’t had any reactions and it doesn’t feel too heavy, then you can increase the amount applied as your skin adjusts.

Ultimately, your facial hair will determine how much oil you want to use, although, ideally, between one to three drops will do the trick. As the ends of the hair are more porous than the rest of the strand, working the oil from the bottom toward the top to protect it best from damage. It’s a great way to keep your facial hair tamed and silky.

Beard Oil Application

The application of beard oil is more straightforward than you’d think. It’s great to use vegan beard oil, especially when it contains beneficial botanical extracts, to avoid harmful chemicals on your face. Start by applying one to three drops of oil to your palms and rub them together. Apply your oil-covered hair across your cheeks, going with the hair growth. If you have a longer beard, slowly and gently rake through with your fingertips and hands to remove any tangles and smooth the strands.

Don’t forget to go through your mustache, as well. Depending on how long your beard is, you might need a drop or two more to reap the most benefits from your oil. Once you evenly spread the oil along the beard, use a comb and gently work it through to further promote the product’s distribution. From there, style your beard how you like.

Final Thoughts

Overall, beard care is just as critical as any other hygienic routine. Not only will it keep the beard clean, but it will provide the necessary protection from any environmental factor. Whether the weather is super cold or blistering hot, your facial hair will remain protected. So is it worth it? Absolutely.

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Why You Should Start Wearing Beard Oil for Your Whiskers

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