Why Am I So Itchy After Taking A Shower?

Posted by Max Green on 3/20/2021
Why Am I So Itchy After Taking A Shower?

Showering is so much more than just getting clean, isn’t it? For some, it’s their only alone time in the day; a sort of meditation if you will, where they let the water run over their body and wash away all their worries for the day ahead, or the day just gone by. And for others, it’s the time they get to live out their wildest fantasies… we’re talking about fantasies of being a famous pop star on the Grammy stage, of course!

But the fun quickly comes to a halt for some when they step out of the shower only to begin to feel itchiness all over their skin. Maybe this is you, too? Good news is - you’re not alone! Itching after taking a shower is a lot more common than you may realize; not to mention there are many reasons why this could be happening to you. 

In this article, we hope to set your mind at ease just a little bit by going over the most common reasons you may be experiencing the post-shower-itch and what you can do about it.

Shaving Skincare Routine for Men: All Our Favorites for Under $20

Posted by Max Green on 3/9/2021
Shaving Skincare Routine for Men: All Our Favorites for Under $20

When it comes to skincare, many men prefer a simple, fuss-free ritual, however they do still want to see results, whether they admit it or not!

The right ingredients, ones that will nourish while taking into account common skincare woes men face, such as shaving rash and irritation, is key. 

Our Scruff Rescue line is the new modern and affordable face care system that men will find easy to incorporate into their daily lives. Signature, plant-based ingredients are designed to improve the health and appearance of your skin while providing protection and minimizing the signs of aging. 

Keep reading for a rundown of every product in this line, don’t blame us if you splurge on them all!

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