3 Little Known Cypress Essential Oil Benefits for Mens Shaving Routines

The pine-like scent of cypress is ideal for this festive time of year and many people love enjoying the excellent aromatherapy benefits cypress essential oil has to offer.

This beautiful oil is greenish in color with a characteristic scent, reminiscent of Christmas but with undertones of wood and smoke, and the oil is derived from the needles and twigs and sometimes the cones of evergreen trees.

While inhalation of this oil can help to clear the mind and reduce stress, it also has powerful skin care benefits that make it one of our go-to oils for sensitive skin.

Many guys experience shaving irritation, so to help combat this, we have included this superstar ingredient in our Scruff Rescue SuperSlick Shave Gel.

In fact, we don’t recommend allowing a razor to touch your skin without having this guy as a cushion to provide your smoothest shave yet. We aren’t exaggerating!

Just don’t blame us if your lady steals this one for herself when she sees how smooth you are!

Dig into our latest post where we let you in on just three ways cypress oil can help you to actually enjoy your daily shaving ritual.

Hydration is your secret weapon

You would never dream of gliding a razor over your skin without applying shaving gel first and if you have, well, we doubt you would do it again!

You want your skin to be deeply moisturized so your razor can glide across without causing any nicks or dreaded razor burn, but unfortunately, most shaving gels are formulated with drying, harsh ingredients that may feel good while you shave, but then you are left to deal with the mess afterwards.

Cypress oil, along with a rich elixir of silky, all natural, hydrating ingredients in our shave gel, helps to provide the kind of hydration that lasts, not just a temporary boost. 

You’ll enjoy your closest shave yet, because it’s not just about the razor as those infomercials will have you believe, and your skin will still feel hydrated, smooth and soothed when you rinse the last trace of shave gel off. 

Helps to calm down inflammation

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with bumps, cuts and irritation after what you thought was a successful shave. 

Cypress oil has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe inflamed, sore skin and it may even help to reduce puffiness due to astringent properties. 

This makes it ideal to use first thing in the morning to not only calm down your skin, but also to help perk it up so you look wide awake and refreshed no matter how much sleep you got the night before!

Lifts your spirits and preps your mind (and skin!) for the day ahead

Last, but not least, by incorporating an essential oil like cypress into your routine, you can also experience the aromatherapy benefits while you follow your skincare ritual.

We are firm believers in experimenting with scents to help your mood and the combination of calming cypress, along with uplifting citrus and bergamot, and relaxing lavender, will ensure you are all set for a fantastic day or evening, depending on when you decide to use it. 

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