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“Along with its shine-boosting abilities, this gel has flexible hold and can easily be styled in tight curls,” says Yamamoto. “It doesn’t leave flakes or stickiness behind.”
Scruff Rescue Daily Moisturizer is arguably the most important facial step for men to look their best.
Scalp Rescue Texture Paste for hold and shine
Why Well-Groomed Men Are More Successful At Work
Review of the elemeni Face & Neck Lifting Serum
Review of the Scalp Rescue Styling Gel
If you struggle with eczema, here are 15 beauty products that will soothe your skin...
Max Green Alchemy has released a range of natural Scruff Rescue products that tame your mane while also caring for the skin below the beard.
Salons with green aspirations are invited to test award winning Scalp Rescue hair care range for themselves!
The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ new Market Shift Report highlights companies that have raised the bar of the industry by only making safe personal care products.
New Natural Styling Product For Eco-Conscious Salons, Stylists and Clients Seeking Eco-Fabulous Hair
The 2009 Green Stars For Top Eco Friendly Beauty Products
And Sets The Gold Standard For Natural Vegan Body Care Products
Boasts Healing Rosa Moschata and Rare Rose Otto for Pure Skin Nourishment!
Head-To-Toe Ritual Soothes Sensitive Skin... Naturally & Organically!
Cruelty-Free & Vegan Icon Will Appear On Products
Say Goodbye to Parabens, Petrochemicals and Bad Hair Days!
Max Green Alchemy Ltd introduces Scalp RescueTM Styling Gel, a 100% plant-derived hair styling gel made without wax or petrochemicals of any kind.
Beauty without the beast
Skin Soother
Be Gentle With Me!
After you've spent a day in the sun
New Product Reviews
Paraben Free Products
No Mean Feet
What's better?
Natural Hair
The Ugly Side of Cosmetics
“No need to feel fried and dried anymore,” says Max Green Alchemy Ltd. upon announcement of their three new body creams made from 100% plants with absolutely no petrochemicals or synthetic ingredients.
Natural Living
Skin Rescue Cream
Pure Plant Body Care Line
Max Green Alchemy Ltd. announced today its debut on the cosmetic scene—impassioned about its mission—with body care products made only with ingredients of pure plant origin.
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