elemeni Face & Neck Lifting Serum
elemeni Face & Neck Lifting Serum

elemeni Face & Neck Lifting Serum

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elemeni Face & Neck Lifting Serum

elemeni Face & Neck Lifting Serum complements the performance of elemeni Radiance Face Cream by delivering a synergistic boost with a greater concentration of anti-aging nutrients to supercharge your results. This lightweight serum delivers extra potency of powerful stem cells and superfood peptides with anti-aging superstars alpha lipoic acid, DMAE, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid - it’s like a botanical lift from within leading to refined, firmer and sculpted skin with continued use.

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil - a time-tested Chilean oil cold pressed from seeds of Rosa mosqueta shown to refine skin texture. Rosehip seed oil is one of the highest sources of naturally occurring trans-Retinoic Acid (Vitamin A) that gently speeds cellular turnover resulting in brighter more radiant skin while improving skin texture, reducing skin pigmentation and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, all without the common side effects of synthetic retinoids.

Alpha Lipoic Acid - the universal anti-oxidant fights free radicals with cellular rejuvenation to erase age related skin issues like photo damage, fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity. It’s anti-inflammatory ability also helps to even skin tone and shrink pores.

DMAE - firms the skin, reduces lipofuscin deposits and stabilizes skin membranes, thus reducing lines and wrinkles, improving tone and radiance.

Vitamin C - (aminopropyl ascorbyl phosphate) is a new and improved highly stable and efficacious derivative of vitamin C that outperforms traditional variations in stimulating collagen synthesis and hence reducing wrinkles. It’s also very effective at reducing melanin production thereby lessening age spots and hyper-pigmentation.

High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid - provides immediate skin revival upon application by lubricating and helping to bind water to the skin for excellent hydration, elasticity and freshness.

Ultra Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid - readily absorbs into the skin to bind moisture and nourish from inside, building collagen and elastin over time.

Sodium PCA - part of natural moisturizing factor (NMF), it’s a powerful humectant that binds water to the cells to keep skin hydrated.

Betaine - from gmo-free sugar beets is a key amino acid with molecular properties that allow it to balance the hydration of skin while protecting it’s protein from damage. It can (temporarily) decrease the depth of wrinkles, so what’s not to like?

Organic Rosehip CO2 Extract - a modern cold and clean extraction method that encompasses 100% of the phytonutrients of the hip.

3X Concentration of Orange Stem Cells - truly an amazing modern rejuvenating discovery found in edible table variety oranges (Citrus sinensis), stem cells from oranges have been shown to redensify the dermis structure by building collagen and elastin, improve the skin's extracellular matrix structure, improve skin's elasticity and to recover the quality of younger skin and a better complexion. Perhaps best of all this is a natural, sustainable and environmentally-responsible anti-aging material.

2X Concentration of Sacha Inchi Superfood Peptides - a modern discovery shown to significantly upregulate Connective Growth Factor (CTGF) and Human Longevity Master Switch Gene (FOXO3), and over time it is capable of an amazing restructuring effect of reshaping and anti-sagginess to the jawline while also re-densifing the dermis.

MSM - is a naturally occurring organosulfur used topically to boost the body’s ability to produce skin collagen (which provides elasticity). The body’s ability to produce collagen diminishes in adulthood which is why we start to sag and wrinkle as we get older. MSM provides a collagen boost to help retain youthful resilience. MSM has also been shown to have a positive effect on the smoothness of skin.

Features and Benefits
• Designed to boost the performance of elemeni Radiance Face Cream
• Continued daily use helps to firm sagging and reverse the signs of aging
• 100% botanical origin with no harsh chemicals
• Vegan and free of animal testing
• Contains certified organic ingredients
• Silicone-free
• Paraben-free
• Lanolin-free
• Gluten-free
• Cruelty-free
• GMO-free

Other Key Ingredients
Comfrey Leaf - natural source of soothing allantoin, firms and tightens skin
Coltsfoot Leaf - moisturizing, soothing and improves skin elasticity
Gotu Kola Leaf - anti-aging by promoting collagen synthesis
Green Tea - free radical scavenging anti-oxidant protection
Horsetail - anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and skin healing
Lady’s Mantle - contains salicylic acid also with astringent tannins and minerals beneficial to the skin
Licorice Root - known for its soothing ability and well regarded for balancing oily and dry skin as well as to even hyperpigmentation and age spots
Olive Leaf - anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients protect against photo aging and promote healing
Bulgarian Rose Otto EO - antioxidant and super hydrating; great for dry and mature skins
Juniper Berry Essential Oil - promotes blood circulation and detoxification to improve the skin’s radiance. It has a relaxing aroma.
Rose Geranium Essential Oil - valuable for its skin tightening effect therby minimizing the appearance of wrinkles with an uplifting aroma.
Mandarin Peel Oil - a valuable source of antioxidants to improve radiance with a sweet and calming aroma.
Lavender Essential Oil - ultimate nourishing and soothing properties promote healthy skin

Directions for Use

After cleansing and toning, gently apply to face, neck and decollete. Keep out of eyes. Do not use if sensitive to any of the ingredients. To maintain freshness, store capped in a cool place away from sunlight. Use within one year of opening.

The 4.2 fl oz bottle contains 128 grams and this is 336 single pumps (because each pump dispenses 0.38g). We recommend using a single pump both morning and night and so this bottle should last 168 days. This is much more than 2 skin turnover cycles and makes finishing this bottle the perfect time to evaluate results.

1 fl oz (29ml) or 4 fl oz (125ml) recyclable PET bottle.

UPC 183691000600, 183691000709

5 Stars
OK. I’m a guy but I use this and it’s under Women. But men lead lifting so I’m not sure why this is a female product - sexual bias I think. There’s no equivalent in the Men’s range. I converted from Oral Gold 24K DMAE lifting cream which also works a treat, but was far too expensive at $200 a throw. Anyway, I use this with the Radiance Face Cream afterwards and when I wake up, that saggy angle of skin on the chin is gone. Very quick to apply and 3 drops does the trick - one on the forehead and one either side of the face, so you don’t have to use too much. A drop or two more if I’ve been lazy and not moisturised for two or three days - then my face seems to absorb more. So - great product - although if they combined it with a cream so one only needed one product, I’d like it even more as it would be less work ....
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from UK. on 10/5/2019
5 Stars
Smells Heavenly
WOW! This serum smells amazing, and it makes my skin super soft. Time will tell if I see any signs of "lifting". I use a similar product from another organic brand, but the price is twice as much - I may be switching to Max Green's Elemeni Face & Neck Lifting Serum!
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Reviewed by:  from Colorado. on 6/1/2019
5 Stars
Wow! I noticed a difference in my skin after the first time using this face and neck lifting serum. I love this product. Please don’t ever discontinue it.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Wyoming. on 2/28/2020
5 Stars
Love this product, it truly does firm up my neck and face! Will continue to use!
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Reviewed by:  from Wv. on 5/27/2020
5 Stars
Love It
I have tried many different products besides Max Green. I have been using this product for awhile now and love it. I get compliments on how good my skin looks. The other night as I checked out of a grocery store the cashier I knew made a comment; " you are the only customer I have seen in here for several years and you just don't seem to age." Hey it's eating right, good attitude and Max Green skin care products. Loved the comment at (71) Some products you see results quickly and others you need to use for awhile but then will see results. Will continue to order products from this company.
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Reviewed by:  from Mesa. on 7/3/2021

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