We Make Our Products Ourselves! 3 Reasons Why Small Batch Skincare Is Great for Your Skin

If you truly care about your skin then it’s time to start purchasing products that are made with the health of your skin in mind.

We understand how easy it is to reach for the cheapest skincare product as you browse the drugstore aisles, but did you know that cheaper products usually mean cheaper ingredients?

These cheap ingredients provide no real skin benefits further than the surface level. If you are looking to improve the health of your skin and you desire long-term results then you aren’t always going to find it in commercial big-name brands, that's just the honest truth. 

We create our products and source every ingredient ourselves, here at Max Green Alchemy, and the type of quality that results is unrivaled by any other mass produced product. 

Keep reading to learn more about why our clean, small batch skincare is better for you and your skin!


We know our products inside and out

Unlike other companies, big or small, who may use third party private label manufacturers, we create all but one of our products ourselves. (Don’t be fooled, many clean companies actually outsource to third parties too, it’s not just the conventional ones.) 


This means that we have full control over both the quality of production and most important of all, the quality of the ingredients. 


We source all of our ingredients ourselves and we will never have outside formulators potentially glossing over the inclusion of less than natural ingredients such as synthetic polymers, ethoxylated ingredients and silicones that are all too common in so many other skin and hair care products we come across. 


You’ll feel the difference when you make the switch, we guarantee it. 

Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Cosmetic Counter Intelligence

We work closely with all our ingredient suppliers, asking all the right questions so we know each ingredient is truly animal cruelty-free. We are leaping bunny certified.

We also ensure that each ingredient is vegan. And we only make our products, there is no risk of potential cross contamination (which is possible elsewhere when outside manufacturers produce vegan and non-vegan products side by side).

Lastly we use Cosmetic Counter Intelligence and avoid the use of 9 nasty ingredients in all our products. 

We are specialists in our field

Unlike large scale-manufacturing, where there may be dozens of people involved in the assembly of the products, we do it all ourselves, knowing exactly what goes into each product using our specially sourced ingredients.

We are specialists, especially on European and American herbs, as well as active botanical extracts and we are always happy and confident to answer any skincare questions or concerns you may have. 


We believe that if you are producing skincare products, then you should know the ingredients backwards, so you can be sure they are going to provide the type of results your consumers want and deserve. 


We also use pure essential oils as active ingredients and these provide wonderful fragrance to our products. Once you experience natural plant-based versus fake artificial fragrance then you really won’t look back. 


We strive to create the finest quality personal care products. We pledge to use only ingredients of pure plant origin, and our packaging will incorporate the highest recyclable content from safe and renewable sources.


We are all about honest natural products, combining value with great performance, because you deserve nothing less!

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