What Is The Importance Of Exfoliation In Your Skin Care Routine?

We are well into Spring, the beautiful season of renewal, and what better time than now to renew your skin too?


If you follow a religious skincare ritual, yet find your skin looking a little dull and in need of a boost, then this article is for you!


There’s one simple product, easily incorporated into any skincare routine, that can instantly uplift your skin and give you that glow you’ve been missing.


In today’s article, we will talk about all the ways a regular exfoliation practice can transform your skin so you’ll never have to endure “bad skin days” again!


Luminous skin

Your clear, glowing skin is just waiting to be unearthed under all those old layers!


Exfoliation involves sloughing off dead skin cells that build up over time, to reveal new, brighter skin underneath.


Our skin naturally sheds old skin cells, but considering some 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells are shed every hour, sometimes our skin needs a little help to move the process along!


When too many skin cells build up without shedding, you see the old skin which may appear dull. 


A simple exfoliation will remove this buildup to reveal your inner radiance! 


Clearer skin

Another downfall of too much buildup in the skin is clogged pores.


Naturally, when our pores are clogged, not able to breathe, we increase our risk of breakouts as old skin cells mingle with oil build-up in the pores.


Exfoliation will help to clear dirt, debris, and old skin cells out of the pores for pores that can breathe, resulting in clearer, happier skin!


A more youthful complexion

Another bonus of a regular exfoliation ritual? Boost of blood flow baby!


Exfoliation helps to increase circulation, ensuring blood flows closer to the surface of the skin. This results in an instant rosy glow, but over time it can slow down the signs of aging too.


This blood flow boost also stimulates collagen production, a structural protein that helps to keep the skin taut and plump, and everyone guessing your age! 


Smoother skin and better absorption of your skincare products 

Another perk of exfoliation is skin that feels as soft as a baby’s bottom and skin that simply drinks up the nutrients in your skincare products!


We recommend exfoliating at least a few times a week, after cleansing, to experience the best results. 


Of course, the type of exfoliator you choose is very important!


You want one that is effective yet gentle and won’t scratch your skin, putting your lipid barrier at risk.


Our beautiful Exfoliator is formulated with finely ground walnut shell, rosehip seed and lactic acid (a face friendly mild Alpha Hydroxy Acid that also moisturizes) to safely and thoroughly exfoliate the skin without stripping it of its natural oils.


We hope this article has inspired you to start a regular exfoliation practice! You’re doing everything right, but sometimes your skin needs a little extra help and that’s where an exfoliator comes in to perk up your complexion!

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