4 Products That Make Up A Simple Natural Skin Care Routine

We’ve all fallen into that trap of thinking we need a gazillion skincare products to wake up to beautiful, radiant skin!

Is it really any surprise when top influencers are promoting this all the time on their various social media platforms? We tend to look at their skin, ignoring the makeup and possible filters, believing that we too need to follow their lengthy and quite complicated nighttime routines to look and feel the same way they seem to.

We just want to be honest with you.

It’s not worth feeling insecure and allowing that insecurity to cause you to splurge on products that may not even be necessary.

Many influencers are paid by skincare companies to promote their products, many of which are actually filled with synthetics and potentially harmful ingredients.

At the end of the day, your skin wants a fuss-free life. It wants just a few simple, quality ingredients to feel and look its best and we intend to help you achieve that in this article!

Your skin may rebel if you use too many asynchronous ingredients at once…

Your skin can only handle so much asynchronicity (ingredients that don’t work in harmony) before it’s going to rebel, and when it does you aren’t likely going to be too happy about it. 

When you use too many products and too many ingredients you may actually end up deactivating or diluting the effectiveness of those active ingredients your skin really wants. 

Stop confusing your skin!

Give it just a few products to work with so you can enjoy skin that is healthy, clear and perfectly balanced at all times.

The products your skin actually craves

The only way your skin can “voice” how it feels about a certain product is to respond physically, by either helping you to glow like a goddess or breaking your complexion out in blemishes. 

The point is, your skin will always let you know what it needs, it’s up to you to pay attention.

Instead of overwhelming it with way too many products and a heap of ingredients, let’s follow the advice set out in this article and keep things simple. 


Cleansing, morning and night, is essential to remove all traces of dirt and grime that may clog your pores and contribute to blemishes. Our beautiful elemeni cleansing milk is formulated with silky botanical oils to provide a deep-down clean without ever stripping your skin of its natural oils.


Exfoliation is absolutely essential for clear, glowing skin. Ours is gentle enough to use daily, however, if you have very sensitive skin then you may opt to use it just once or twice a week.

Tone and Hydrate

Not only is a toner a wonderful way to enjoy a burst of refreshing hydration, but it may also help to remove any excess traces of dirt, grime, and makeup while balancing your skin’s pH levels. 

Our toner includes beautiful, aromatic rose to lift your spirits and soothe your soul for an aromatherapy experience while you take care of your skin!

Use it before moisturizing, to set your makeup or at any time of the day when you are in need of a little hydrating boost!


Don't even think about skipping this step, even if your skin is very oily!

Moisturizer acts as a protective barrier against the elements and free radicals so it’s one step you cannot miss.

Our elemeni Radiance Face Cream contains powerful active ingredients along with gorgeous essential oils that will simply sink into your skin, melting your skincare woes away. 

If you want more intense moisture then you may opt to layer a serum underneath your facial moisturizer or to even wear one alone. 

Learn more about serums and our signature ingredient here

This is a super simple routine that will pay off! Let the results speak for themselves.

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