Skin Serums Versus Oils: What’s The Difference?

Adding a facial serum or oil into your skincare ritual can go a long way in adding a radiance boost, but we understand that you may be a little confused...

Should you choose a serum or an oil? Are there any differences? Can they be applied together or should they be kept separate? 

These are all valid questions and ones we are only too happy to answer! 

By the end of this post we hope you feel like you have learned something and are ready to enhance your skincare routine with some potent nutrients!

In today’s article, we will shine a spotlight on both of these incredible skincare products to help take out the confusion so you can amp up your skincare ritual today! 

Facial serum 

A facial serum usually has a water base, in which powerful oils are suspended. 

Highly-active plant-based oils make for an antioxidant-rich silky formula that glides onto your skin, infusing it with a deep dose of brightening nourishment! 

Because serums contain water, their molecules are smaller and better able to penetrate the pores, helping to target your specific skincare concerns. 

A serum should always be applied after cleansing and toning, before any other products. 

Our Elemeni Face and Neck Lifting Serum contains an array of superstar ingredients including brightening Vitamin C, beautiful rosehip seed oil, and anti-aging DMAE and alpha-lipoic acid for a truly magical formulation your skin will love!

Facial oil 

Don’t dismiss facial oils! They certainly have a special place in your routine and their nutrient content is not something you want to miss out on! 

Facial oils differ from serums in that they don’t contain any water, only pure, highly concentrated plant oils. 

Because they contain no water, their molecules are larger and not as easily absorbed as facial serums but this can be remedied by applying to slightly damp skin. You could apply right after a spritz of our rose hydrating facial mist

We have beautiful facial oils for you to choose from, based on your skin type.

A facial oil can be worn alone after cleansing and toning, but are also wonderful when applied with your other products, such as a serum and moisturizer, but should always be the last step in your routine. 

As you can see, both a serum and an oil have a special place in your routine but can also be worn together for beautiful results! 

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