What Are The Benefits of Scalp Treatment & Which Scalp Rescue Product Should I Use?

Here, at Max Green Alchemy, we pride ourselves on providing products that are natural and formulated with the highest quality active ingredients and botanicals. We want you to experience long-term scalp treatment benefits, instead of a temporary “quick fix.”

We ensure that our hair care products are just as effective as our skincare, because everything you do at the scalp level, will affect the length of your tresses. 

Why treat your scalp?

If you’re using products that are filled with synthetics and harsh ingredients that may strip the scalp of oils, then your hair will not grow as long, thick and lustrous as you desire.

If, however, you are infusing your scalp with pure, undiluted, scalp nourishing nutrients, then you are setting the base for hair that shines and bounces with health.

Our hair is a big part of our identity, it can transform the entire way we look and feel, regardless of our gender. If your hair feels thin, dry, coarse and unmanageable, then you simply aren’t going to feel your very best.

We are so excited for you to try our incredible range of all natural hair care products, but we understand that you may be wondering which one is right for you and your specific hair type or preferences.

Our scalp relief products are excellent for everyone and especially beneficial for these scalp types and conditions;

  • Dry

  • Oily

  • Scaly

  • Flaky

  • Itchy

  • Dehydrated

Scalp Rescue Shampoo

You may have heard that you shouldn’t wash your hair every day because you may dry it out and you may irritate your scalp.

We aren’t sure what shampoos you have been looking at, but that will never be an issue with our scalp rescue shampoo that is gentle enough to use every day without causing dryness or irritation!

Instead of harsh detergents, found in most conventional shampoos, you will find a signature blend of botanical extracts, vitamins and essential oils to infuse the scalp with everything it needs, and nothing it doesn’t.

Essential oils of tea tree, lemon, geranium, rosemary and lavender will soothe and provide instant scalp relief by eliminating dandruff for an itch-free scalp, hallelujah!

Macadamia oil and our herbal blend will hydrate and nourish, and may even help with more severe inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis.

Vitamin C ester and naturally derived tocopherols (Vitamin E) provide free radical and environmental protection, something that should always be considered when purchasing a shampoo formula. 


Scalp Rescue Conditioner

When purchasing a conditioner, you don’t want a formula full of silicones that will simply sit on top of the hair shaft, providing temporary and superficial results.

Your hair deserves so much more!

You want shine and hydration from nutrients that transform the health of your hair!

Packed in yummy oils and potent botanicals, this beautiful conditioner will nourish the scalp and strengthen your locks for hair that appears visibly healthier, more hydrated and boasting a shine that cannot be rivaled. 

Curly haired girls and guys love the hydration this conditioner provides for beautifully defined, frizz-free curls!

MSM, tea tree, lemon, neem oil, geranium, lavender and our unique herbal blend work together to provide soothing scalp relief, while a heap of silky oils provide deep conditioning properties to your hair. Our conditioner also provides free radical and environmental protection for when you are outdoors.

Your hair will feel silkier, smoother, softer and you will notice fewer split ends. Don't blame us if your hair grows too fast!


Scalp Rescue Styling Gel

Sometimes our hair needs a little something to help it behave, but you don’t want to punish it by using ingredients that may put it at risk for dryness, scalp irritation and split ends!

Our styling gel is ideal if you are just looking for a low, flexible hold. It’s polymer free, allowing you to add water throughout the day to restyle as needed, nothing is more annoying than needing to rewash your hair after applying too much of a sticky product that cannot be restyled!

You’ll enjoy hold that is not slimy and has a beautiful lightweight feel. This gel is great for taming unruly, flyaway hair and for taming frizz. It protects against humidity and you’ll never have to deal with flaking. 

An additional scalp treatment benefit is that the active botanicals, pro-vitamin B5, and our proprietary herbal infusion will be working at a deeper level all day while ensuring your hair looks healthy and manageable on the outside.


Texture Paste

If you’re looking for a more glossy finish with medium hold then this is your guy!

This oil rich formulation will help to enhance layered and textured styles with beautiful natural definition and medium hold.

Pure plant botanicals impart glossy, gorgeous shine while providing healthy deep down conditioning and the ideal definition and detail you are after.

 As with all our styling products, this one is also polymer free, allowing you to add water to restyle throughout your day, you deserve choices after all!


Scalp Rescue Sculpting Gel

Heavier than the styling gel for your specific needs, this thick gel is never stringy, slimy or sticky, yet it will set your style in place with no nonsense!

This gel dries hard for extreme style and control, and is a cult favorite with unruly curls. 

If you are looking for extra protection against flyaway frizz or even bad hair days, or perhaps you are looking to create extreme hair styles with unrivaled hold? This is your product!

This anti-gravity formula will ensure styles that won’t move, unless you decide to add water and change that! This is a hard and high hold formula that provides strong styling power that is all natural, organic and PVP-free. 

Plant derived ingredients coat your hair and infuse your strands with goodness for long-term results, and it’s super easy to wash out at the end of the day!

Gentle enough for daily use and for all scalps and hair types, this powerful gel will ensure you never have to fight against humidity, wind or bad hair days again!


Matte Paste

If you are looking for medium hold without a glossy looking finish then you are going to love our matte paste!

This polymer free paste provides medium hold with an invisible dry look that can be easily restyled by adding water throughout the day. 

This paste can be washed out easily at the end of the day and it won’t darken your highlights. 

This is especially popular with men who want to style effortlessly, without being obvious. 


Scalp Rescue Pomade

If you aren’t in need of any hold, but are desperate for glorious shine, then our pomade is your pick!

Our scalp rescue pomade promotes brilliant, sparkling shine due to nutrient-rich ingredients in a modern oil-based formula.

You’ll enjoy a moisturized scalp and deeply conditioned strands thanks to pure organic jojoba oil and shea butter, the creme da la creme of butters! 

Organic olive and coconut oils impart a super gloss, while our signature blend of essential oils make this product popular with all genders! 

Use in conjunction with any of our other styling products if you are needing some hold with brilliant shine. Men love this as a traditional barber shop purchase, and women love it for its rich nourishment that leave their strands the envy of all!


Scalp Rescue Smoothing Balm

Keratin is a protein that helps to smooth frizz, while repairing damage that may be contributing to less than happy locks. 

Our Scalp Rescue Smoothing Balm includes Vegatin™, our vegan keratin replacement that builds strength and elasticity from the inside out to reduce hair breakage. 

This is a gel-based formula made with silky, luxurious and creamy oils such as argan, coconut and macadamia oils to provide deep down conditioning while smoothing frizz and promoting a luminous shine.

This product provides light hold and allows for flexible styling. Botanical oils, pro vitamin B5, and plant extracts help to nourish the hair all day and provide scalp relief while helping to fix any of those pesky issues that we are all familiar with!


All of our scalp rescue products are vegan, PETA approved, gluten-free, safe for color treated hair, and especially beneficial for anyone suffering from scalp sensitivities or irritations. Our products are designed for everyone, all ages and are designed to help restore the hair’s natural balance and harmony. 

You will never find ‘nasty” ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, petrochemicals or any other synthetics in our products. Ever.

All of our scalp products include a unique blend of essential oils for a fresh, unisex scent and all can be easily washed out of the hair thanks to no harsh silicones. So shop our line today to reap the scalp treatment benefits moving forward.


Cathy Quinn

Date 1/1/2021

My husband has scalp psoriasis he has a nice curl to his hair I'm a hairdresser so I do a crew cut however I keep the top long and he needs something to shape and hold but everything and I mean everything we use has irritated his scalp, the product that has served him well with regards to styling is [competitor product] which is a cream gel however he breaks out in little pimples on the side of his head from it, I was wondering number one the styling cream you can recommend or a sample kit so we could try it out as we have gone through more and more products that have just been wasted $$$.<br><br>Max Green says: We would recommend trying the Scalp Rescue Shampoo, (Conditioner), and Scalp Rescue Matte Paste for invisible hold or Scalp Rescue Sculpting Gel for firmer hold. Samples are available in the SAMPLE section of our web store.https://www.maxgreenalchemy.com/admin2/blog.asp

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