The Best Natural Rosemary Essential Oil Hair Products for Dandruff

Essential oils have a way of evoking emotion, feeling, and as one entertainment executive stated beautifully in a New Yorker article, they have a way to deeply move you and awaken “firing that hadn’t been firing.”


As a natural skincare consumer, you’ve likely used your share of essential oils. Not only do essential oils provide the aroma in your favorite products, they come with their own range of benefits… and stories of wonder as well. 

Rosemary for example has quite the story to be told. 


According to a Middle Ages tradition, people would lay rosemary leaves on the floor around midnight; and as they walked across them, the fragrance would fill the air. 


Sounds interesting, but why would they do that you may be wondering? Smelling rosemary was believed to bring happiness during the New Year! Not just that, rosemary is a great natural air freshener that removes foul odors and decreases stress levels


Quite a fitting story for this time of year isn’t it? 


But perhaps, laying sprigs of rosemary on the floor on Christmas Eve isn’t something you can partake in; especially since this practice may be potentially dangerous with young children and pets around the house. 


What you can do, however, to tap into the happiness and joy rosemary brings, is look to your skin and body care you use daily anyway!

Our Scalp Rescue hair care range for example is infused with the anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary essential oil. 


The anti-inflammatory properties support the treatment of dandruff, which is often caused by fungi and bacteria, not dryness, which is commonly thought.


In our Scalp Rescue range you can find:



… and a whole lot more, you can see here


Men with male pattern baldness may also have a reason to rejoice as there are studies suggesting regular use of rosemary may help to reverse this condition with long term use.


Of course, it’s not just men that can benefit from this piney, woody essential oil!

A few other top studied benefits of rosemary essential oils may include… 


  • Immune Boosting Properties


This time of year is famous for an increase in colds and flu; but did you know that just inhaling rosemary essential oil might give your immune system a boost? It also aids in stimulation of antioxidants in your body, which work to fight free radicals. 


  • Increasing Mental Focus


Rosemary essential oil is particularly famous for stimulating brain activity which may improve memory and help you overcome brain fog. There is even research that suggests rosemary is a potential tool in slowing progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

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