Neck Lift Without A Facelift? Here’s How To Give Your Neck Some Much Needed Love

When was the last time you thought about your neck?


No, we aren’t trying to be funny, we promise!


We spend heaps of time thinking about our complexions and looking for the best products and ingredients to help us age gracefully, but we often tend to neglect our necks in this process!


The skin on your neck is very thin, meaning it is at a higher risk for the signs of aging.


In fact, a loose neck or “turkey neck” is a surefire way to give your age away, no matter how firm and plump your complexion is!


In this article we’d like to help you reverse some of the damage, as well as prevent future damage so you can put those turtle necks away once and for all! 


You deserve to feel confident! 


The right ingredients are key

Most conventional products are heaped with synthetics that may feel nice on the skin as you apply them, but because they contain no real nutrient-rich ingredients, they aren’t going to help you in the long-term.


Our beautiful Face and Neck Lifting Serum is just what the delicate skin on your neck has been craving!


This serum is an elixir of superstar ingredients, including luxe, silky oils and potent antioxidants to refine, firm and sculpt the skin with regular use. 


Follow up with our Radiance Face Cream to lock in the powerful nutrients and amplify the results! 


Always use SPF

There’s skin on your neck so why shouldn’t it be protected against damaging UV rays too? 


Don’t even think about heading outdoors unless you’ve applied a healthy mineral SPF to your neck, chest, face and ears as the last step in your skincare routine. 


If you ever do fall prey to a nasty sunburn, be sure to have our Sun Rescue Cream on hand to immediately prevent any major damage. 


Try an uplifting massage

This is something that should be done every time you apply your products!


Start at your collarbone and sweep up in light, gentle, feathery strokes to help lift and firm as you apply your serum and face cream.


For a more in-depth neck massage try this one


Drink loads of water 

It’s all very well to ensure your skin is drenched in moisture externally, but what about your insides? 


If you aren’t drinking enough water then your skin cells are going to shrivel up and contribute to dry, dull skin that ages quickly, so be sure to aim for at least two liters of filtered water a day! Herbal teas count toward your daily water intake too!


By following these simple tips, you’ll ensure that your neck stays as smooth and youthful as your face and you’ll have everyone clamoring to know your beauty secrets!

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