Are There Any Natural Remedies for Dry Cracked Feet?

Let’s be honest…

Who has time for dry, cracked feet that sweat and give off an embarrassing odor? Not us, that’s for sure!

Cracked heels are one of the most common issues we hear from our customers, who let us know they have tried all the trending methods with no success. Yes, we know all about soaking your feet in mouthwash!

This weird method may leave your feet feeling temporarily soft, but it doesn’t remove dry skin, and you’re soaking your feet in less than natural ingredients. 

Give it a few days and just watch those cracks start to reappear. 

Don’t you think your tootsie deserve some real love? As in natural ingredients?

In this article, we want to shine a spotlight on our Sole Rescue Foot Balm, and why we love it so much for eliminating dry, cracked feet once and for all! Oh, and did we mention it helps neutralize odors too?

Keep reading to learn more!

Sole Rescue Foot Balm and why it works

You don’t want ingredients that just leave your feet feeling soft, you want ingredients that will sink deep to repair too. 

Oils that are rich in nutrients for long-term relief

The right carrier oils are everything when it comes to a quality foot balm. You can opt for ones that work on a superficial level, or you could treat your feet to carrier oils such as kokum butter and evening primrose oil to infuse your skin with rich, deep moisture, brimming in fatty acids, nutrients and minerals, all designed to repair as they soften, for long term relief. We have added castor oil too to aid in the absorption of these beautiful oils. 

We ensure your feet are protected

We have included a special proprietary blend of powerful herbs including olive leaf, licorice root, Gotu kola, and arnica, for all-day protection. These excellent herbs also leave your feet feeling wonderfully soothed. 

No peppermint to simply mask the odor

You want feet that are really fresh, not simply hiding behind synthetic ingredients or traditional peppermint, used to simply mask smells.


We use oriental favorites peppercorn and clove bud, and a Scandinavian classic Atlas Cedarwood to leave your feet as fresh as possible!


Even though this balm delivers deep hydration, your feet will never feel greasy as this balm dries to a refreshing, powdery finish. 


Stop letting your feet hold you back (quite literally!).


Start slathering on our wonderful foot balm today, and you’ll feel a noticeable difference instantly. As each day goes by your feet will start to resemble healthy, soft, sweat-free feet, just as you deserve!




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