Can You Use Max Green Alchemy Skin Rescue Shower Gelee As A Natural Hand Wash?

There’s no doubt that these are strange times we are living in, and not just because everyone seems to be taking handwashing more seriously than ever!

Washing your hands is the best defense against stopping the spread of COVID-19, more on that a little later on, but we understand that your hands may be feeling dry and in desperate need of a little love and hydration!

Many people have the misconception that antibacterial soaps are needed to kill COVID-19, should it get onto your hands, but this is a virus not bacteria we are talking about so antibacterial soaps are really not necessary.

Good ol’ soap and water is all you need, but many soaps are incredibly drying due to nasty synthetics. Why not opt for an all natural product that will infuse your hands with soothing, nourishing ingredients while it helps to wash any germs and viruses away.

Why regular hand washing with soap is so important

The good news is that due to the slightly acidic nature of your skin, coronavirus can’t enter your bloodstream through your skin. However, it can sit on your skin and then enter your body via your mouth, nose or even your eyes so keeping your hands clean is more important than ever at the moment!

According to National Geographic:

Soap works so effectively because its chemistry pries open the coronavirus’s exterior envelope and cause it to degrade. These soap molecules then trap tiny fragments of the virus, which are washed away in water. Hand sanitizers work similarly by busting apart the proteins contained in a virus.”

That is very comforting to know!

Just make sure you are washing your hands correctly.

Why your hands will love our shower gelee

The best products are not only ones made with clean, beautiful ingredients, they are products that can be used in multiple ways and our Scalp Rescue Shower Gelee is just one example!

Not only will this luscious gelee transform your shower experience, it will help to keep your hands clean throughout this pandemic without causing them to dry out and crack. 

Our formula is made without parabens or any other synthetics, making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin prone to flare ups. Our signature active plant botanicals and organic herbs traditionally used for dry, flaky or itchy skin will help to infuse your skin with a layer of moisture no matter how many times you lather up. 

Natural guar gum and olive oil will provide deep skin conditioning while plant actives including aloe vera leaf gel, burdock root, borage, calendula blossom, chickweed and mahonia will soothe and heal. 

We know that times are stressful right now, so why not allow our gorgeous essential oils of organic palmarosa, geranium and neroli (orange blossom) to soothe your frazzled nerves while soothing and calming your skin at the same time. 


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