Keeping Your Hair Healthy: How To Go Days Between Washes

When it comes to taking care of your hair, you’ll try everything to keep it looking soft, luxurious, and healthy. Whether your hair is treated with natural or synthetic ingredients, it takes time to ensure that it remains healthy. You’ve tried masks, maintenance trims, vitamin-infused oils, and more to keep it feeling soft with trial and error. However, when it comes to washing your hair, you don’t always need to make it a daily routine.

While washing your hair removes oil buildup and debris trapped on your scalp and strands, daily washing can weaken your hair. It can strip too much protective oils from the scalp, causes excessive sebum production, and leaves the scalp feeling itchy. So, here’s a brief overview of how to go days between washes and how your hair benefits from it. Before you know it, the days of frizz and dryness will be a thing of the past.

Benefits of Skipping Daily Washes

As previously mentioned, daily washing isn’t always beneficial for your hair. Showering daily is essential for keeping your body clean and hygienic, but your hair needs natural oils to keep it healthy and protected. Many benefits keep the hair feeling strong and healthy, leaving you with less breakage, longer-lasting color, and more luscious hair.

Hydrates Your Hair and Scalp

When you skip a few washes during the week, you start to notice a prominent sheen at the roots of your hair. Many people believe that it’s grease and full of bacteria. However, the “grease” isn’t grease at all, but rather a protective oil that keeps the hair from drying out and preventing external harm. Scalp oil is similar to a natural conditioner, nourishing your hair and scalp while maintaining the scalp’s natural condition.

Saves You More Time

It can become a time-consuming chore when you wash your hair every day. It’s especially true if you have longer or hair with more texture, as you have to work shampoo and conditioner from root to tip. It’s an exhausting process that uses more product and water. Instead of washing it daily, you can rinse water in between to loosen trapped debris and dirt particles and comb through knots.

Conserves Water

It’s no secret that showering uses a lot of water. After spending a half-hour shampooing, conditioning, washing, shaving, and everything else, you can waste a lot of hot water. When you cut down on daily hair washing, you’re less likely to waste hot water that can get used for other things. Your water bills will be less expensive, but your hair will also thank you for it.

More Texture for Styling

Whether you’re styling your hair for work or have an upcoming wedding, many stylists suggest that you go a day or so without washing it. You might feel a tinge of anxiety as you fear your hair might smell or look unclean. However, having some oil in your hair can have benefits for styling purposes.

When you style hair that’s freshly cleaned, it sometimes has less grip. Having some natural oil in your hair will provide additional grip and allow different hairstyles to hold better, allowing them to also last longer.

Less Chemical Use

When you wash your hair daily with regular shampoo and conditioner, you’re putting your hair through more stress. When you’re excessively using shampoo and conditioner, it puts your hair at risk of coming into contact with unwanted and potentially harmful chemicals.

Standard synthetic shampoos contain potential carcinogens and hormone disruptors such as diethyl phthalates (DEP) that help the hair hold onto fragrance. Other ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS) may help create a thick lather, but they can also irritate the skin and are being studied for potential cancer-causing effects. Lastly, parabens help preserve some shampoos and conditioners for longer shelf life, but it’s also been found in breast cancer tumor tissue suggesting a potential link.

How To Go Days Between Washes

Figuring out how to go days between washes without feeling unsettled isn’t as difficult as you think. If you’re worried about your hair looking too shiny or feeling greasy, plenty of remedies help you go longer between shampooing. It’ll be a piece of cake, from dry shampoo to scalp massages you can quickly pick up in your daily routine.

Dry Shampoo Is Your Friend

Having hair that’s greasier than usual can make you feel dirty. However, you can remedy the appearance of oil by using dry shampoo. It’s a fantastic tool for absorbing oil, saving you time, and neutralizing odors. You make sliced sections and give your hair a spray of dry shampoo. Afterward, use your fingers or a brush to help the product blend into the hair, making your hair smell great and look fantastic.

Avoid Touching Your Hair

With your hair already being more slick than usual, excessively touching your hair can make it feel even greasier. Your fingers often carry excess oils and other dirt, so try to avoid touching your hair too much. Whether touching your hair is a habit or you enjoy the feeling, ensure that you’re aware of how much you feel your hair and reduce physical contact as much as possible.

Massage Your Scalp and Brush

As your scalp accumulates oil, now is the time to help distribute it through the rest of your strands. Take your fingers and vigorously massage your scalp to help move the oil away from the scalp and move it down the hair shaft. You can do this once or twice daily, followed by brushing the oil through the rest of your hair. This will help preserve your dry ends and loosen up any excess oil sitting on your scalp.

Use Natural Shampoo

Moving away from shampoos and conditioners loaded with synthetic chemicals will help keep your hair healthy. You can use vegan sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners that not only help preserve hair color but also make the hair feel soft and healthy. You won’t have to worry about ingredients you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce. Additionally, the packaging is less wasteful, and a good shampoo will help you stretch washing periods out longer.

Taking care of your hair comes with having the right products. At Max Green Alchemy, we offer guilt-free, vegan hair care products that leave your hair feeling soft and smelling great. We don’t stop at hair care; we also provide high-quality skincare and men’s grooming products infused with botanical ingredients. If you have any questions regarding our products, reach out to us today, and we’ll happily help you.

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