How Long Does It Take for Skincare Products to Work?

We know the excitement of trying a new skincare product and enthusiastically looking forward to instant results, but this isn’t always the reality.

While some do provide instant results, they are often short-lived, while others can take weeks to start to show their true effects. 

A 28 day trial period is usually recommended for a new skincare regime, because this is the typical length of a skin cycle, meaning every cell on your face would have had time to assess your new ritual in that period. It should give you a pretty good idea of whether or not this new routine is worth it or not. 

Unless you are a skincare guru, it may all seem a little confusing and you may not know where to start, but that’s where we come in!

In this article we will talk about the most common skincare products and how long they really take to start working!

Moisturizer/Cleanser/Spot Treatment

Because moisturizers contain water and often hyaluronic acid too, they may help to instantly infuse your pores with a dose of plumping moisture that may have you frantically sharing the good news with those closest to you, but hold on just a minute. 

These results usually only last for 24 hours so it is very important to ensure you are moisturizing on a daily basis.

With a cleanser, check that it is cleansing the skin properly, and that it is not leaving the skin dry or oily/filmy.

Moisturizers and spot treatments may need just 2 weeks to show you what they are made of and earn a permanent spot in your skincare routine. 

Give them this time to start doing what they need to do, and don’t be alarmed if you notice any negative effects when you make the initial switch, especially if switching to clean skincare. 

Any synthetic products you may have been using before will now mean your skin needs to go through a purging period, where toxins make their way out, contributing to breakouts and irritation, but this is temporary!

Here’s how to tell if it’s skin purging or actual breakouts.


Exfoliators can show instant results, because you’re sloughing off dead skin, instantly revealing those glowing, fresh layers, which feels wonderful when your skin has been looking a little under the weather.

Again, keep in mind that a regular exfoliation ritual is necessary to continue to see results. Aim for at least twice a week or try a beautiful, all natural daily exfoliator for optimal results!

More concentrated active ingredients

More intense, active ingredients such as Vitamin C, retinol, and any acids, may need more time to work their magic. 

It takes dedication and consistency, but it is certainly worth your time and effort, trust us!

These products often need a max of 12 weeks to really start to show their results, if you notice no changes at all after the 12 week mark, then it may be time to try a different product. 

Of course, 12 weeks is the max time, you may see results sooner than that, in which case hallelujah! Vitamin C usually takes anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks to make its mark, whereas retinol, for example, may need a little longer, 8-12 weeks is more realistic.

We hope you feel like you have learned something today! Of course, using products with natural ingredients is incredibly important too,  and fortunately all of our products are brimming in nutrients your skin will love, and free from absolutely every harmful synthetic you can think of!

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