Your 2020 Guide To Valentine’s Gifts for Skincare Lovers (for Ladies and Gentlemen)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while there’s nothing wrong with a bouquet of red roses and endless boxes of chocolates, why not treat your sweetie to something a little different this year?

Today we want to share some of our favorite products, that will ensure the receiver feels loved and pampered, and the best part is that these products can be enjoyed well after Valentine’s Day!

It doesn’t hurt that your lover will think of you every time they indulge in their skin care ritual either!

For the woman in your life: elemeni Radiance Face Cream

We have yet to meet a woman who would turn down the chance at having a radiant and luminous complexion.

Instead of a vase full of red roses this year, why not treat your special lady love (or even your mom!) to our beautiful all natural face cream where Bulgarian Rose is infused right into the formula!

You want to treat her to a product that is rich and luxurious, but free from nasty chemicals that may put her skin and even her health at risk.

Formulated with the silkiest, smoothest oils, including apricot kernel oil and rosehip seed oil, along with potent antioxidants and a scent that is due to a beautiful combination of Bulgarian Rose, Italian mandarin, French lavender, sustainable sandalwood and frankincense essential oils, you will be in her good books for a while yet!

She will feel special and loved, and she’ll love you even more for helping her complexion glow so beautifully!

Shop elemeni Radiance Face Cream here.

For the man in your life: Scruff Rescue Ultimate Elixir

The guy in your life also deserves to feel pampered, but we know that guys can be a little fussy.

But that’s where our Scruff Rescue Elixir comes in.

This intensely hydrating elixir is formulated with a powerful blend of active botanicals to soothe and calm down inflammation without ever leaving his face feeling greasy, something we know most men don’t care for. 

The cologne-inspired masculine fragrance of woods and citrus fruits make it an instant hit with even the fussiest guy in your life, and he can use it at any time, we recommend before that special Valentine’s Date!

Shop Scruff Rescue Ultimate Elixir here. 

Something you can both enjoy: Sole Rescue Foot Balm

You may have had something else in mind here, but we are talking about something for your feet!

Most of us experience dry, crusty heels, which is never a good way to encourage some romance and passion, so why not treat both your feet to some nourishing love this Valentine’s Day?

Our Sole Rescue Foot Balm won’t only leave your feet looking and feeling fresher than ever, our signature blend of penetrating herbs and essential oils will get to work to banish bacteria for the best smelling feet in town!

These ingredients also prevent and naturaly treat fungla infections, as well as help to soothe sore, achy feet.

We’re sensing a foot massage in your future...

Shop Sole Rescue Foot Balm here. 

We hope you feel a little more inspired now that we have helped you out with a few ideas!

Hope you have a very special and loving day with your person.

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