Should I Be Worried About Germs In My Beard & Contracting Or Spreading Viruses?

It’s safe to say that we’re all being a little bit more cautious than usual lately.  We’re washing our hands more diligently than we maybe were before, and we’re taking precautions when going outside of our homes. 

Doesn’t it seem that with every new dawn, we’re given a new list of advisories when it comes to preventing the spread of viruses? 

In fact, a recently shared Infographic shared by the CDC, entitled, “Facial Hairstyles and Filtering Respirators” caused quite a stir for men with facial hair!

In this article, we’ll delve into what exactly this Infographic was saying and what extra measures you should be taking when it comes to your beard (if any). 

Bacteria in Beards, Should You Be Concerned?

It’s no secret that beards harbor more bacteria than, get this… dogs (according to this study)!

With this knowledge, you may think that being clean shaving may save you from potentially contracting or spreading viruses. 

Not true. 

In fact, studies show that being clean-shaven (due to potential open cuts) may actually put you at a bigger risk of bacterial infections!

So Why The Warning From The CDC?

Let’s get right to the point…

This Infographic was largely taken out of context! Recommendations for shaving facial hair apply to and were meant for health care workers wearing the N-95 masks daily.

When wearing these masks, Dr. Thomas Russo, from the Buffalo VA Medical Center and the chief of infectious diseases at the State University of New York at Buffalo medical school, suggests a snug fit, and of course,  “big fluffy beards are a big problem because unless they’re trimmed way back, you might not be able to get a good seal, making it not effective.”

For the average guy sporting scruff, this isn’t as big a deal as it’s been made of.

Practice Good Hygiene Regardless!

The point of the matter is, if you’re going to pick up a virus from a bearded guy, you have to get just as close to him as you would to any other person.

Regardless of whether you have a beard or not though, it’s important to practice good hygiene, especially right now! That means, keeping your hands clean by washing with soap and water regularly, and limiting contact with others. 

Keeping your beard washed and clean should also be something you do regardless of whether there are viruses going around. And hey, after you wash your beard, why not keep it moisturized with Scruff Rescue Beard Tamer?

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