5 Reasons Why You Should Go Sulfate-Free

People are becoming more aware of what they put on their skin. When consumers read product labels, they’ll often notice ingredients they don’t recognize, which is a problem because some specific ingredients in cosmetic products may lead to health-related problems. Sulfates are no exception.

There are a few reasons why you should go sulfate-free. From decreasing skin irritation to limiting hair loss, going sulfate-free can be a blessing for health.

What Are Sulfates?

Sulfates are chemically related cleansers that cut through oil and dirt, leaving a clean surface when rinsed. They are foaming detergent agents that help clean the scalp and hair and often feature in hair and skin cleansing products. Because water and oil attract sulfates, they can efficiently lift oil and dirt from the body, trap the debris in suds, and allow for a quick rinse down the drain.

However, their impressive effectiveness can cause more harm than good to the skin of some people. Sulfates can lead to hair dryness and brittleness, scalp sensitivity, and irritation as they strip natural oils from the scalp and hair. When you incorporate sulfate-free products, they’re milder and slightly less frothy than sulfate-containing products, but they don’t come with the same potential health issues.

Sulfates Cause Irritation

If you have a history of sensitivity of your skin and scalp, products containing both sodium lauryl sulfates and ammonium lauryl sulfates can irritate. These chemicals can cause redness, irritation, and dryness, which is why anyone who commonly experiences irritation may want to switch to sulfate-free products.

They Strip Away Oils in Hair and Skin

While sulfates help remove oil and grease buildup on the scalp, they can become too harsh for long-term use. It’s especially damaging if the formula has insufficient conditioning agents. Additionally, sulfates can promote the overproduction of sebum on the scalp, making your hair even oilier.

Sulfates May Be Linked to Increased Hair Loss

Because of the irritation sulfates cause to hair, they can contribute to hair thinning. The hair gets stripped of its protein, which results in a weakened cuticle. As a result, it causes gaps in the hair shaft, creating a brittle, lackluster, and limp texture.

Sulfates Can Affect Treated Hair

Sulfates contain harsh detergents, stripping a user’s hair of moisture and protective proteins. Any added color can fade quicker, resulting in a lackluster appearance. Because the hair goes through constant change after treatment, you must use specific, gentler sulfate-free formulas and products to keep it looking vibrant and healthy.

Cruelty-Free, Sulfate-Free

When you choose to go sulfate-free, make sure you also choose to go animal testing free. Some brands test products that incorporate sulfates on animals to track skin, lung, and eye irritation.

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