Clean vs. Natural Beauty Products: What Is the Difference?

Every skin care enthusiast loves nothing more than adding a new product to their routine. However, whether it’s a foam cleanser or chemical exfoliant, ensuring the new product doesn’t harm the skin is vital. If you’ve decided to prioritize a clean, natural, or organic route for this reason, what’s the difference between clean and natural beauty products? By learning more, you’ll have an easier time finding products that are right for you.

Clean Products

Many consumers equate “clean” or “nontoxic” with safer cosmetics. Simply put, clean products remain free of toxic or potentially harmful ingredients. Additionally, they remain sustainable, eco friendly, and cruelty free.

Clean products tend to have lists of “free-from” ingredients that are often toxins. However, “clean products” isn’t a regulated term, lacking official guidelines on what constitutes as “clean.” It’s essential to know that the ingredients in clean products might be natural or synthetic, and it’s really up to the consumer to decide what kinds of clean products they’re willing to incorporate into their daily routines. Otherwise, clean products offer options for people who want better-quality ingredients for their skin care routines.

Natural Products

On the other hand, natural products contain “pure” ingredients that originate in nature. Ingredients such as water, botanical extracts, and coconut oil qualify as natural. However, that doesn’t mean your skin won’t have a reaction to the product. In fact, many companies often claim that their products are natural, but this doesn’t always mean they’re made with strictly natural ingredients. There are no regulations for qualifying a product as natural; in fact, it’s often hard to know where to set the limit on how processed an ingredient of natural origin should be. Reading through the ingredients label is absolutely necessary.

Natural products also claim to be free from synthetic chemicals, but an important thing to note is that some natural ingredients might be animal byproducts—so a “natural” label doesn’t automatically mean the product is vegan.

What Are the Differences?

So what’s the difference between clean and natural beauty products? It comes down to brand reliability, what’s on the product label, and certifications that will help you make the best decision. The main requirement for clean beauty is to be safe for every consumer. As long as the ingredients remain nontoxic, you can incorporate them into a clean beauty routine. Natural products have fewer regulations, and the term “natural” is often used for marketing purposes, so they require more research and brand transparency.

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