Men's Grooming: 3 Benefits of Face Scrub

We’ve come across more than a few articles showing women just why a face scrub and good skin care is so important, but why are men not included?

Okay, so while some guys love their skin care rituals, others may scoff at the thought of a ten step routine, but did you know that there is just one step you can do and achieve healthy, happy skin that others will be envious of?

No matter what you say, we know you won’t turn down the chance to have good skin. No one, man or woman, and no matter your age, wants to struggle with pesky skin issues from acne to lines so for all you dudes, this article is just for you!

You deserve some pamper time just as much as every one does, so make sure you grab your favorite brew before digging into our latest article.

Adios ingrown hairs!

Ingrown hairs are a pain, and we mean that quite literally too!

However, if you shave on the daily then they are most likely an inevitable skin care woe, but one that our number one step will banish in a hurry!

If the title didn’t give it away, then we should probably let you know that we are referring to a face scrub! Our Scruff Rescue Face Scrub to be exact.

No shave is complete without following up with this guy!

You can thank all natural and gentle AHAs (alpha hydroxy acid) along with it’s sidekick; walnut shell for this!

These 2 key ingredient superstars help to open up the pores, gently slough off dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling oh so soft.

Will help your products absorb better

Don’t even think about applying your moisturizer, SPF or any other elixir unless you have sloughed off those dead skin cells first!

If you don’t exfoliate regularly, then your products will simply cling to old skin cells, meaning you won’t see results and all those high-quality products will simply go to waste.

Exfoliation will ensure your products are properly absorbed and that they sink deep down into your pores to target all your skin care woes!

You’ll enjoy a confidence boost

Stop hiding your face away in embarrassment due to ingrown hairs or other issues, they will become a distant memory as soon as you add this awesome scrub to your shaving routine.

This scrub will have you wondering why you didn’t find it sooner, and for all you bearded men, the rest of your skin can benefit from this scrub too!

If this isn’t reason enough to grab this guy then we don’t know what is! Just be sure to follow up with a good, high factor SPF, as these ingredients can make your skin more sun-sensitive.

Get your very own scrub here.

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