3 All Natural Christmas Gift Ideas from Max Green Alchemy

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Or are you reading this feeling a little panicked because you have yet to even begin? 

Either way, this article is sure to bring some relief no matter the current status of your holiday shopping! 

These 3 products are sure to satisfy everyone on your list! You may have to purchase a few of each to make sure there’s enough to go around; we don’t want anyone feeling left out! 

So put your stress aside for the next few minutes, brew a soothing cup of your favorite tea and dig into our holiday shopping guide! 


Hydrating Rose Facial Mist 

This is a must for all the ladies on your list, trust us! 


Sure, everyone loves a good facial mist, but the ingredients in this one truly takes things to the next level! 


Our gorgeous Rose Facial Mist is formulated with absolutely zero toxins, only clean, nutrient rich ingredients to pamper the women in your life the right way. 


It’s a multi-tasking product, the best kind for busy women! It can be used as a mild astringent to tighten the pores and prep the skin for all follow up products. It's full of humectants that make it profoundly moisturizing. A spritz at any time of day can provide a dose of beautiful aromatic, uplifting hydration. 


Scruff Rescue Elixir for men 

The woods and citrus fragrance of this clean formula means it can easily replace their cologne, but with added benefits!

Guys want to smell good, and they want smooth skin too, whether they like to admit it or not! 

Our Scruff Rescue Ultimate Face Elixir is a pioneering formula for men; it’s a versatile product that will change the way the men in your life think about their skincare routine. 

Brimming in ingredients to provide deep hydration, to soothe inflammation or irritation after shaving, to provide an instant uplifting, refreshing boost; this is one product they will soon not be able to do without! Thank us later!

Sole Rescue Foot Balm 

No matter their gender, they will love this one, we promise you!

No one likes rough feet that scratch against the covers (or your leg!) at night but this rich formula will sort rough skin right out!

Apart from enjoying immediate relief from itchy feet, our proprietary herbal blend will also help to soothe sore, tired feet while providing antibacterial and antifungal properties to banish odors and leave feet wonderfully healthy.

Don’t forget to add an extra Sole Rescue Foot Balm for yourself!

There you have it! These wonderful gifts provide benefits that extend far beyond the holiday season and will have you on their good list all year long!

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