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Founded in 2004, Max Green Alchemy is a Sonoma County-based Pure Plant Origin vegan brand dedicated to creating environmentally clean and affordable personal care products. Our mission is simple: to provide you with high-quality, effective, and safe products that you can trust.

What sets us apart is that all of our 35+ products are made in-house, a rarity in the industry. This allows us to have complete control over the production process, ensuring impeccable quality, ethical sourcing, and most importantly, the use of top-notch ingredients.

To maintain our commitment to your well-being, we've compiled a comprehensive list of ingredients commonly found in personal care products that we refuse to use. These ingredients, like parabens (preservative) and sulfates (surfactants), may pose potential health or safety risks. We call this our "cosmetic counter intelligence" list, and it's why our in-house production is crucial. With us, you can rest assured that these harmful ingredients will never, ever make it into our products.

We're not just passionate about your health, but the health of the planet too. Our packaging is designed with the highest recyclable content, taking into consideration the environmental impact of shipping and the safety of our valued customers.

Max Green Alchemy proudly holds Leaping Bunny approval, which means our products and our ingredients have not been tested on animals. Our commitment to ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients is at the core of everything we do.

Discover the difference of our exceptional personal care products that prioritize your well-being and the well-being of our planet. Join the Max Green Alchemy family today.

Our Founding Story

In 2004, founders David and Wil experienced a groundbreaking eureka moment. As they immersed themselves in the 'green' European personal care market, they witnessed a remarkable surge in demand for ethical and clean products in the USA. This inspired them to seize the opportunity to create something truly remarkable for American consumers.

At that time, the American market had barely scratched the surface of this essential trend. Several companies within it were resorting to misleading tactics and greenwashing, attempting to appear more appealing to conscious consumers. Shockingly, some companies weren't even using natural ingredients at all, deceiving customers with their false claims. Worst of all, consumers were led to believe that choosing environmentally clean products meant sacrificing effectiveness.

Driven by their passion for natural ingredients and armed with their expertise in formulation, David and Wil knew they could revolutionize the industry by developing highly effective, natural, and sensual solutions that truly delivered results for hair, body, and skin. And so, from that spark of inspiration, Max Green Alchemy was born.

While many companies boast about revolutionizing the personal care market with their ingredient choices, Max Green Alchemy actually achieved this feat almost two decades ago. The brand has continuously set the bar higher, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional products that surpass expectations.

Today, Max Green Alchemy remains at the forefront of innovation, harnessing the power of nature to create outstanding products that blend effective performance with environmentally conscious practices. With every formula meticulously crafted, Max Green Alchemy embodies the perfect union of science, nature, and sensuality.

Experience the remarkable legacy that began with an eureka moment and discover the transformative wonders of Max Green Alchemy for yourself. Join us on this extraordinary journey towards healthy, radiant skin, and embrace the true essence of beauty that nature has to offer.

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