Sun Rescue Cream
Sun Rescue Cream

Sun Rescue Cream

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Sun Rescue Cream

Sun Rescue cream is a beautiful formulation that provides fast acting relief of burns from excessive sun exposure, razors, radiation therapy or from other environmental influences. The luxurious cream is rich in shea butter, and herbal extracts, vitamins and special nutrients known to rapidly reduce inflammation and tenderness. A must have for those that worship the sun - and we guarantee that!

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• 100% natural origin with no synthetic chemicals
• Petrochemical-free, paraben-free, GMO-free, lanolin-free, cruelty-free
• Contains many certified organic ingredients
• Certified by

Key Ingredients
Free radical and environmental protection: vitamin C ester and naturally derived GMO-free mixed tocopherols (vitamin E)
Cooling: aloe vera leaf, calendula blossom
Healing: kukui nut oil, borage seed oil
Skin hydration: shea butter, jojoba oil, aloe vera leaf

Customer Feedback
"I know that sunburn is bad, but Sun Rescue Cream is good - it really gave me quick relief" SM, San Francisco CA

Beneficial For These Skin Types and Conditions
• Sunburned
• Red
• Inflamed
• Itchy
• Sensitive
• Peeling
• Daily use as a moisturizing cream

Directions for Use
Apply liberally to the skin as required.

Unique Product Characteristics
• Rich and luxurious formula loaded with cooling antioxidant bliss!
• Free of mineral oil, paraben, lanolin and gluten. No animal testing and vegan too!
• Our special formula spreads smoothly, delivers rapid nourishment, but does not leave the skin feeling greasy
• Enchanting summery non-medicinal aroma of organic chamomile and neroli
• The perfect choice as a daily face and body moisturizer; safe for adults, children and babies over 6 months

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5 Stars
Not just for sunburn!
I have a whole lot of food allergies and sensitivities and they all present themselves on my skin in the form of red, painful little raised lumps. After elimination diets, steroid creams, and prescription urea creams from the dermatologist, this is the only lotion that has made dent in clearing up some of the bumps. In three short weeks, the rash is about 50% better. I'll take it! Highly recommend :)
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Reviewed by:  from NJ. on 10/25/2016
5 Stars
Don’t think I could love this stuff more
Like many folks with pale skin and light eyes, I can't seem to keep enough sunscreen on my face, and I often burn. All it takes is one application to calm the skin. I also discovered another use for it a few weeks ago. I had to get a steroid shot in my knee and discovered that a flushed face is a side effect for me. After a day of having a bright red and very warm face, I decided to try this cream Within an hour of application my face cooled off. What a relief! Thanks for making products that work and that I can feel good about using.
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Reviewed by:  from somewhere. on 11/28/2012
5 Stars
Instant Relief
What was I thinking?? While walking along the beach on the first sunny day of the summer without sunblock, I acquired a major burn on my shoulders and the back of my neck. I received instant relief after applying MGA sun rescue. Also, the cream prevented peeling too! I highly recommend everyone keep a tube of MGA sun rescue cream in their medicine cabinet.
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Reviewed by:  from somewhere. on 5/26/2006
5 Stars
Sun Rescue Cream
My husband recently underwent chemo and radiation treatments, which resulted in some serious burns to the affected areas. A new friend at the treatment center told us about this amazing cream, and we have ordered twice already. What a blessing!! This cream is the only product that has helped him to endure and finally start the healing process of his skin before it went into blistering. Thank you so much. We highly recommend it to everyone.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Bedford, VA. on 1/11/2018
5 Stars
Accelerated healing and relief for radiation therapy
I was told about Sun Rescue Cream by a naturopathic oncologist towards the end of my radiation treatments in 2014 for breast cancer. It was so soothing and also helped speed up the healing process. I only wish I had known about it when I started the radiation. I told the nurses and doctors working with me on my follow up visits about this product. Once they looked at the ingredient list they loved it and said they would tell other patients about it. I continue to use it (2 years now) because it is so good for my skin in general ! And I refer people I know who are undergoing radiation cancer treatments to this cream. They are always amazed, as are their doctors, with the results.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Atlanta, GA. on 2/18/2016
5 Stars
Buying again for my husband who has very sensitive thin skin after many years of steroid use. HE HAS ALWAYS FOUND PRIDUCT TO BE CALMING and healing to his skin ; first time buying in 2 oz jar, since larger tube size has been discontinued. New size reflects higher price point, but My husband says maybe easier to use out of this container, although he still likes larger size option.

MGA says: The product price per ounce for the old tube and new jar should be exactly the same.
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Reviewed by:  from S. UTAH. on 1/15/2021
5 Stars
Sun Rescue Cream- sunburn
I used Sun Rescue Cream after a long days cycling in Marin county over Easter, after exposure to wind and sun. I have typical Irish fair, freckled skin and any exposure to sunlight, especially Californian affects me. MGA Sun Rescue Cream really helped to ease the sunburn,cool the skin, absorbed quickly and it smells great! Cheers
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Reviewed by:  from somewhere. on 5/17/2006
5 Stars
Don’t go in the sun without this!!!
A few years ago i got a pretty good sunburn while at the beach and stopped at Whole Foods on the way home to get some aloe gel. This cream caught my attention and I bought this instead. Not only was it soothing but it was healing! I swear my burn healed quicker because of it. Anytime I have any type of over exposure I use this and my skin heals well and quickly. Sun Rescue Cream is the super cream and I'm not sure why everyone doesn't use it. I've don't go a summer without it.
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Reviewed by:  from somewhere. on 8/19/2009
5 Stars
Love this product! Our skin tends to get burnt from the sun while working outdoors. Sun Rescue Cream not only adds the moisture back into our skin, it also takes the sting out of the sun burn.
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Reviewed by:  from Florida. on 8/31/2021
5 Stars
great stuff
I''ve used it for years and it''s amazing. Really helps my skin -- especially my face. And it smells wonderful.
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Reviewed by:  from chicago. on 6/17/2015

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