Sole Rescue Foot Balm Sample (1/8oz)

Sole Rescue Foot Balm Sample (1/8oz)

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SAMPLE Sole Rescue Foot Balm
Try before you buy: get a sample (or two) of Max Green Alchemy Sole Rescue Foot Balm Cream! (approximately size 1/8 oz)

Sole Rescue foot balm is intensive robust natural care for dry, itchy or irritable feet. With a synergistic blend of super penetrating herbs and essential oils known for their anti fungal actions, Sole Rescue Foot Balm protects against the risk of athlete’s foot or other fungal based infections while avoiding potentially toxic ingredients found in typical treatments. Our proprietary herbal blend melts the aches in sore or tired feet, banishes dry and cracked heels and refreshes your pieds - and we guarantee that!

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• 100% natural origin with no synthetic chemicals
• Petrochemical-free
• GMO-free
• Lanolin-free
• Paraben-free
• Steroid-free
• Cruelty-free
• Contains many certified organic ingredients
• Certified vegan

Key Ingredients
Smoothing: shea butter, kokum butter, jojoba oil, castor oil and evening primrose oil
Conditioning: provitamin B5, soy amino acid, MSM
Protecting: anti-fungal olive leaf, pau d'arco, organic tea tree and lavender essential oils
Soothing: arnica, aloe vera leaf and licorice root
Freshening: atlas cedarwood, peppercorn and clove bud

Beneficial For These Conditions
• Itchy
• Dry
• Sweaty
• Achy
• Sensitive

Directions for Use
Apply liberally to the feet as required

Unique Product Characteristics
• Combines the unique five step action: soothe, condition, protect, soften and freshen
• Deep moisturizing but non-greasy with powdery-dry after feel
• Refreshing and odor neutralizing fragrance of atlas cedarwood, peppercorn and clove bud
• No petrochemicals, parabens or peppermint to simply mask nasty odors; no animal testing and vegan too!
• Unisex formula for daily use and after work, sports, hiking or running errands