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Customize your own sample pack

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Scalp Rescue Shampoo 5ml (+$0.99)
Scalp Rescue Conditioner 5ml (+$0.99)
Scalp Rescue Styling Gel 5ml (+$0.99)
Scalp Rescue Smoothing Balm 5ml (+$1.24)
Scalp Rescue Texture Paste 1/8oz (+$1.49)
Scalp Rescue Sculpting Gel 1/8 oz (+$1.49)
Scalp Rescue Matte Paste 1/8oz (+$1.49)
elemeni Cleansing Milk 5ml (+$1.99)
Skin Rescue Cream 1/8oz (+$1.99)
Sun Rescue Cream 1/8oz (+$1.99)
Sole Rescue Foot Balm 1/8oz (+$1.99)
Naked Rescue Cream 1/8ox (+$1.99)
Naked Rescue Lite Lotion 5ml (+$0.99)
elemeni Radiance Face Oil for Normal Complexion 1/2 dram (+$2.99)
elemeni Radiance Face Oil for Dry Complexion 1/2 dram (+$2.99)
elemeni Radiance Face Oil for Oily Prone Complexion 1/2 dram (+$2.99)
elemeni Cleansing Milk 1/8oz (+$0.99)
elemeni Luxurious Foaming Face Wash 5ml (+$0.99)
elemeni Face Friendly Exfoliator 1/8oz (+$0.99)
elemeni Hydrating Rose Facial Mist (+$0.99)
elemeni Radiance Face Cream 1/8oz (+$2.99)
elemeni Ageless Eye Serum (+$11.99)
Scruff Rescue SuperSlick Shave Gel 5ml (+$0.99)
Scruff Rescue Face Scrub (+$1.99)
Scruff Rescue Ultimate Elixir 5ml (+$1.99)
Scruff Rescue Beard Tamer 1/8oz (+$1.49)
Scruff Rescue Daily Moisturizer 1/8oz (+$1.99)
Skin Rescue Shower Gelee 5ml (+$0.99)
Summer of Love Water-Based Personal Lubricant 5ml (+$0.99)


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