About Us

About Max Green Alchemy
Our early history
2004 was our Eureka moment. The ‘green’ and ‘organic’ personal care markets were growing at an unprecedented rate due to sudden consumer demand for ethical personal care products. The problem was that these products, while focusing on being natural, were often simply gray and boring. Some weren’t even natural at all – their ingredients list told a very different story.

Consumers had been hoodwinked into thinking there had to be a trade-off – choosing an environmentally clean product meant it was going to be less effective and sensual. But we knew that the right natural ingredients, correctly researched and blended, could produce solutions that really worked and were fun too! In fact the European market, in which we worked, was already doing this, so we thought that you deserved the best too! And that’s why we founded Max Green Alchemy.

Are you feeding your skin junk food? and Cosmetic Counter Intelligence
A key foundation of ours is the fact that the skin doesn’t discriminate between the chemicals coming into contact with it – it absorbs them. That’s how the myriad of ingredients found in everyday personal care products, such as parabens, lanolin and nano-particles, can passed directly into the blood stream. Research has suggested absorption of some cosmetic chemicals may create health and safety concerns, and some are just too harmful to the environment so these are ingredients we never use. To help you avoid them too, we created a watch list entitled Cosmetic Counter Intelligence. We invite you to take a look and see how many of these nine chemicals are present in the products that you use every day.

Modern Max Green Alchemy
We have now created over 20 personal care product solutions for your face, hair and body. These have been recognized as the finest available by a wide range of associations including Elle Magazine (Green Stars Best Conditioner 2009) and PETA (Proggy Award for Best Cruelty-Free Personal Care Product 2008).

Our vision continues unchanged since 2004. We strive to create the finest quality personal care products. We pledge to use only ingredients of pure plant origin. And our packaging will incorporate the highest recyclable content from safe and renewable sources.

Max Green Alchemy is about honest natural products, combining value with great performance. It’s the best that you deserve.