5 Skin Care Tips for Nourishing Sensitive Skin

Having to live with sensitive skin comes with struggles. For example, you can’t apply products that other people use or wear specific clothing materials. It all results in your skin flaring up and feeling irritated at inconvenient times.

Thankfully, you can take your skin back with five skin care tips for nourishing sensitive skin. Your skin will thank you for caring so much.

What Is Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin has a reduced tolerance to the application of personal care products and cosmetics. It is reported that roughly 50 percent of women and 40 percent of men experience skin sensitivity.

It’s common to experience rashes or irritation from fragrances, clothing, and friction. Finding the right skin care tips for nourishing sensitive skin is the best way to alleviate symptoms and increase your skin’s quality.

Avoid Hot Showers

Hot water can cause sensitive skin to become dry and dull. To help decrease an adverse reaction in the skin avoid taking hot showers and baths. That way, the skin is less stressed and will feel better.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

It isn’t just fragrance and alcohol-based ingredients that you should avoid. Keep an eye out for dishwasher soaps, shampoos, hand soaps, and laundry detergents that might contain harsh chemicals.

Keep an eye on the ingredients list on each product you interact with. You can find many cleaning products that are hypoallergenic and safer for sensitivities.

Use Nourishing Ingredients

Harsh soaps and serums can cause your sensitive skin to flare up when washing your face. So look for ingredients that nourish the skin instead.

Look for products with ingredients such as neroli, chamomile, jojoba, aloe vera, calendula, shea butter, and borage. They’ll bring down inflammation while providing hydrating and antibacterial properties.

Lower the Temperature at Home

Sometimes a high thermostat or too many layers can cause the skin to react. So reduce the temperature in your household and wear breathable fabrics to prevent sensitivity reactions.

Perform Patch Tests for New Products

Are you feeling unsure about a new product you’ve purchased? You can always perform a patch test on the skin.

Place a small amount of product either on the inside of your wrist or your jawline. Wait 15 to 20 minutes to see if there have been any reactions. If you don’t see or feel any adverse reactions, it should be safe to use. However, always contact a dermatologist if you still feel unsure.

It can be hard to find products for sensitive skin. At Max Green Alchemy, you can try our paraben-free moisturizing cream to help nourish the skin without the inclusion of chemicals or steroids. Reach out to us today if you have any questions about our company or our products.

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