3 Natural Ways for Cleansing and Eliminating Scalp Buildup

Your scalp creates natural oils, which act as lubricants that protect the hair from debris and dust while nourishing the follicles. They even improve overall scalp health, keeping it hydrated and shiny. When you go a few days without washing your scalp, however, a buildup of dead skin, dirt, and bacteria occurs. So naturally, you wash your hair on a semi-regular basis.

Still, buildup can persist no matter how often you wash and nourish your scalp. And when scalp buildup becomes a recurring problem, it can lower your confidence. Luckily, there are three natural ways to cleanse and eliminate scalp buildup that you can try right now.

Brush Your Hair Regularly

If you have textured hair, chances are that it’s prone to knots and tangles. These tangles create a hook effect, holding down grime, dirt, and product to your scalp and making it harder for you to wash it all out.

So one of the three natural ways for cleansing and eliminating scalp buildup is to brush your hair regularly. By removing knots and tangles, you keep your hair smooth and healthy, reducing buildup significantly. Luckily, you can find many brushes for your hair type in person or online.

Exfoliate Your Scalp

You probably exfoliate your face in your skin-care routine, and scalps need exfoliation, too. You can use a scalp scrub that gently buffs away residue and dirt, which weigh down the hair. You could also find a recipe to create your own scrub or a natural product through a beauty retailer.

Exfoliate once or twice a week to fight against infections such as lice or ringworm. You’ll thank yourself later for a satisfied scalp that also smells great.

Use Natural Products

Using natural products can help your scalp remain healthy after buildup removal. Your scalp needs nourishment, so consider using apple cider vinegar, which will kill the bacteria to keep buildup away. Afterward, find natural shampoo and conditioners. You can wash average oily hair every day or two, while you should wash dry or damaged hair every three to four days. Make sure you rinse thoroughly yet gently between every wash. From there, your scalp will feel much healthier.

Finding the right products that help with infection-prone scalps can feel challenging. If you’re looking for dandruff-resistant products such as anti-dandruff hair gel, we can help you at Max Green Alchemy. With their natural recipes and vegan certification, our products will help you fight that stubborn dandruff and leave your hair smooth and clean.

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